Sea Air

Sea Air

SEA AIR ist die englische Übersetzung zu "Single, alleinerziehend ..." und wurde am 24. Februar 2015 über Amazon Crossing auf dem amerikanischen Markt veröffentlicht

eBook: 4,99 Euro
Taschenbuch: 17,99 Euro

eBook: 5,68$
Paperback: 10,99$

What is it about?

Between raising her seven-year-old daughter and maintaining her job, single mom Nele needs a break. When friends offer to take her daughter, Paula, on vacation with them, it’s the perfect opportunity for Nele to have an adventure of her own.
Nele’s track record with men is bleak, so when she goes on a North Sea getaway, the last thing she expects is romance. But that’s what she finds in the beguiling Mathis, a man twenty-five years her senior. Like Nele, Mathis longs to break free from the ordinary. But are their circumstances too complicated to allow a future together? Nele has her doubts—especially after she returns home to find that her ex, a handsome doctor, is back and ready to settle down.
Now Nele faces a choice, between two different men and two very different lives. Which is the path to her future—and her truest self?